Custom graphic design with a hint of retro vibes

At Color Files, we create art that will hold your gaze for a moment too long, art that will transport you to a different world in an instant, art that you will want to toss from the highest rooftops - and watch as it lands in the hands of unsuspecting pessimists who desperately need a brighter day.

Color Files designs areΒ retro-inspired with a colorful [and often tropical] vibe. The inspiration comes from my innate desire to be surrounded by things that I love. As a resident of the Midwest, it is often hard for me to find such colors in my external environment, thus relying on my imagination to create my world for me. My mission is to inspire people to recognize just how deeply color shapes their reality and alters their moods. Although our team is always growing, partners and customers can be assured that I will answer any question or concern personally, day or night.